cows are awesome

cows are awesome animals but they can be very crul to.
they come in many colours like brown balck and white.
they eat  hay and grass and drink water.
you will mostly find them in the country.
they need a big padockto stay in.
bulls can be very rough. the could kill you and head but you.
and if you are not careful and walk behide onethe could kick you.


berded dragons :)

bearded dragons have rough skin but they are cool pets to have.
but they are very expensive to buy all of the things you need.
they need a proper set up tank a heat mate, a heat rock , a rock , water bowl food bowl.
they eat vegies and crikets. and you need to loook after the crikets as well. you put calcium over the food and the crickets food so inside the crikets is the culcium to.

more infomation will be publised soon. :)